Dedicated Server Germany


Normally web hosting services are shared out among many clients because of its cost effectiveness nature on the side of the provider as well as the users. However, this sharing of server resources also has its downside. Normally when you share, you get limited packages as they are evenly distributed among many clients. However, if you need exclusive access to your online hosting services, then it will be best to go for a dedicated server Germany. It is through a dedicated server that you will be able to dictate how your content is being managed while online. in addition, a Germany-dedicated-server features top of the range brands in the server manufacturing industry, therefore you can expect good performance with these types of machines.


Add-ons of a dedicated server
When using a germany server, there are additional services that you get on top of hosting. These are:
Managed services
With managed services, you get to take control of your server management and applications. You get a customer oriented control panel that allows you to configure your dedicated server to your own preferences and also enables you to report your problems whether software or hardware and get them resolved as soon as possible. Free migration services, monitoring services both for hardware and software, upgrading the database application, security alerts.
Backup services
You are also offered several storage options for you to choose. You can select in terms of gigabytes the amount of back up space that you need. The back-up services are also available both for windows and Linux operating systems. Back up services are normally charged uniformly across the entire range of dedicated hosting.
Firewall and security
With a Germany dedicated server, you can be guaranteed of comprehensive protection in terms of anti-spyware, anti-phishing, anti-spam and web filtering. Furthermore you get to manage your security credentials from the graphical user interface on the control panel.

With a good and reliable Germany server, you are assured of lightning fast processing speeds as well as good service back up plans that greatly reduces the amount of downtime. Furthermore, you don't have to be an expert in computer matters. The setups have teams of experts that are going to handle the hard parts on your behalf.

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