What are the benefits of Dedicated Server!

The Dedicated hosting and the shared server hosting possibly are the 2 used hosting services that are meant for running the online business. The dedicated hosting Germany comes with various benefits, and the biggest one gets complete freedom to use the single resources of a single server that is dedicated to complete website. Unlike the process of shared hosting, the cheap dedicated server germany has one server that is assigned to the specific website, where the website developer usually uploads the website files with the complete freedom and control.

Who required dedicated hosting?

The companies, as well as websites, have the gigabytes of the data with several images pictures, multimedia content, videos with several pages that need fast and quick loading times and the best guarantee of the server uptime. The dedicated hosting has a server having the specifications that are customer-defined and that put to the usage of complete website.

For various different websites that have huge volumes of the data that require reliable hosting though they are unable to afford and buy the dedicated servers, generally use the shared servers for the websites.

Below Listed are key differences of two services:

1. Dedicated hosting usually holds one website that is dedicating all the resources of the fast server for complete website, while shared hosting even had several websites that run on the single server.

2. The webmasters will also be provided with the dedicated IP address which is different from the single IP of the world, on the other hand in such case of the shared hosting webmaster will be given the IP shared with several other websites that run on the single server. Moreover, there is a great risk about sharing the IP address which is against different websites. Several websites have got blacklisted by search engines. Moreover, websites that are running on the same server may also get affected by policies of the search engines where legitimate websites may even get banned from search engines. However, if the shared IP address gets banned, each website has the IP that gets banned from the internet.

3. Even though, dedicated web hosting comes with different benefits, but not devoid of the high price. The dedicated hosting is considered to be much expensive as 15 times the price of shared hosting. When shared hosting price for $5 per month, great quality of the dedicated hosting starts at about $100 for each month. The key reason for the big price difference usually lies for utilizing the resources of a company that will charge high prices from website owners that use dedicated servers as there is just one server that will run on the complete website.